Football Party Ideas

If you are planning your child’s birthday party or organizing an end of season football tournament, our football party ideas will help you score goals with your guests! Big and Small

With easy football decorating ideas to a football themed party food and easy to do printable water bottle covers, you have everything you need to kick off an awesome kids football party

Football Party Ideas

Setting up for a football party

These days a lot of shops have party themed plates, knives, forks and decorations for your party essentials!

With this we recommend sticking to basic colours of black, white and green.

Laying the table with a themed grass plastic table cover is a great start and having some fake grass lying around the table

Some football themed party ware like paper plates that look like a football.

A whistle around the Water bottles is great

Small soccer balls on the table or in the cups are a nice touch and these can also be a take home present

Football Themed Food

Cup Cakes

Birthday Cake

Football Party Ideas sydney
Football Party Ideas

Football Party Entertainment

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