%location% Football Party For Kids

Looking for a great Football Party %location% for Kids in Sydney for you child for their next Birthday Party then we certainly have the answer for you for a stress free fun and entertaining birthday party entertainment for your young ones. We cover ages 4-14 and bring everything for a fun filled time for approx 90 minutes at your location

We come to a location of your choice therefore we can attend

Local Park / Oval

Indoor Sports Venue

School area

Back Yard

House / home


We bring all the equipment including


Soccer Bibs


Kids Birthday Parties %location% Sydney


A full range & variety of Football Parties for Kids In %location% Sydney birthday Parties Sydney + activities to suit all ages, skills and abilities in Sydney.


We come to a location of your choice and run a variety of

GAMES: Bull Rush,Tip,Tag, Running, Stuck In The Mud, Tails

ACTIVITIES: Individual, Group and Team play


These football parties for kids in Sydney can be specific themed parties eg soccer all the way through or may include a variety of sports or general party games.




Age appropriate and/or tailored games by request of the birthday person.

Provide all equipment to make the games fun, active & inclusive.

Fun & engaging entertainment + activities for the participants


Convenient location of your choice for a stress free, these football parties in Sydney are healthy and easy to organize and run party. (http://www.footballparty.com.au) Call 0412 602 999



Cost for this is $250 for up to 20 children

We can even supply lolly bags ( Additional Cost) plus a Pinata (Extra Cost to make the party go with a swing

We supply participation certificates for all children in attendance so they get rewarded for their endevours throughout the party and have something to show for this. The certificates also have a discount coupon / discount award on the certificate for other parents to benefit


Kids Football in Party http://www.footballparty.com.au
Football Party in Sydney