Soccer Party

Our SOCCER PARTY activities run for 90 minutes (1 and a half hours) and we generally break this down into 15-20 minute segments, with drinks breaks every 30 or 45 minutes dependent on coach and children (age, fitness, weather hot/cold, etc)

Soccer Party Information

For an active party we would recommend the following:

Fun Warm up Games (Tag, Stuck in the Mud etc)

Fun skill games

Small Sided round Robin tournament

Penalty competition

Soccer Games

*Please Note This Is Only A Guideline And Is Dependent On Birthday persons Request Or Coach Onsite.

If the birthday person has any special requests for games then we can substitute any of the above games for their request

On completion all children receive a certificate

Lolly bags can be added also for an additional $25 These are 100g sealed bags with a selection of approx. 20 lollies such as frogs, snakes, jelly beans etc (Must be ordered at the beginning of week)

Cost are

$250 for up to 20 children

No deposit is required but a cancellation fee applies

If you require any additional information or have any other questions please contact us and we will endeavour to answer these at our first opportunity. Call 0412 602 999

We will be in contact with you in the week of the party to reconfirm all details

Thank you again for looking and we look forward to helping to make this day a special one.


Soccer Party Sydney

0412 602 999

With our Soccer Parties we can also include other games or sports if required